Arkansas CattleWomen's Association

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This program replaced the former Beef Ambassador program.  The representative chosen to serve represents the Arkansas CattleWomen and Cattlemen across the state at various events.  He/She also works with youth and adults throughout the state to educate them about beef and the nutritional value it offers. 
Our current Arkansas Beef Advocate is Baylee Mangrum.  She would love to help you with a project in your area if it fits in her school schedule.  Baylee can be contacted at [email protected]
The annual contest to choose our Beef Advocate is held in conjunction with Arkansas Cattlemen's annual Convention.  In 2018 that convention will be in Little Rock.  Our contest will be on Saturday, August 4.  Contest rules and regulations should be available by May.  Please come back and check for registration information at that time.  If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected]